Apostle Islands Ferry

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Madeline Island Ferry

The only ferry in the Apostle Islands is the Madeline Islands Ferry that runs from Bayfield, Wi to LaPointe (Madeline Island), Wi. Their website is www.madferry.com

Apostle Islands Shuttle

Apostle Islands Cruises has a shuttle to Stockton Island that you can sign up for at www.apostleisland.com

Other Options

There are water taxis and Apostle Islands Cruises runs a shuttle to a few islands but the only ferry is the car ferry to Madeline Island (www.madferry.com) which departs from Bayfield Wisconsin and goes to LaPointe, Wi. The car is the expensive part of the ferry ride, so if you can leave it behind you will save some money. When you get to Madeline Island all the shopping and dining are right where you get off the ferry. If you want to go to Big Bay State Park it is about a 7 mile ride, the ferry does allow bikes. The only thing you can do if you miss the last ferry is hope that there is a ghost boat which takes employees back to Bayfield but is not advertised or you can call a water taxi.

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