Apostle Islands Kayaking

Check the Weather and Prioritize Safety

 It’s important to be aware of the varying conditions when kayaking around the Apostle Islands.
The west side of the Bayfield peninsula has more dangerous waters, with a higher chance of canceling activities due to weather.
On the east side, places like Red Cliff and Washburn offer more protected and calm waters. The sea caves on the west side are more impressive but come with higher risks, while the east side provides safer options. When exploring the islands, remember that the western portion tends to be more hazardous than the eastern side.
Meyers Beach, Sand Islands, and Devils Island are particularly risky areas, while Chequamegon Bay and Basswood Island offer safer options for paddling.
Stay informed of the winds and weather and prioritize safety during your adventures in the Apostle Islands!

Sea Cave Kayaking

To safely explore sea caves, it’s essential to seek out locations with waves measuring 1 foot or less. Fortunately, the sea caves in Chequamegon Bay and Red Cliff offer exceptional protection, typically boasting calm waters with waves seldom exceeding a foot.
However, for those eager to venture further, Romans Point, Mawikwe Bay, Sand Island, and Devil’s Island on the West side of the Apostle Islands boast some of the most captivating sea caves in the region. Yet, these sites come with a heightened level of risk. Waves exceeding 1 foot are a common occurrence, making paddling here a potentially perilous endeavor. With cancellations happening approximately 50% of the time, it’s crucial to exercise caution when planning an excursion to these areas.

Apostle Islands Kayak Tours

For an unforgettable kayak tour of the breathtaking sea caves in the Apostle Islands, we highly recommend booking with Bayfield Kayak. While numerous outfitters in the area offer excursions to Meyers Beach, Bayfield Kayak stands out for several reasons. Firstly, they venture to sea caves that are less congested, ensuring a more serene and intimate experience. Moreover, their impeccable safety record over the past eight years sets them apart.
It’s worth noting that other outfitters have encountered rescue situations, with some needing assistance from the Coast Guard or Park Service multiple times in a single season. In contrast, Bayfield Kayak has navigated the waters without incident for the past five years, a testament to their commitment to safety.
Although Bayfield Kayak doesn’t conduct tours to Meyers Beach due to its popularity among other outfitters, they offer valuable advice for those keen on exploring this area. They recommend renting a kayak and launching shortly before the influx of outfitters at Meyers Beach. This strategic approach ensures a smoother crossing to the Mawikwe Sea Caves and avoids the hassle of waiting in long lines associated with group tours.
It’s important to note that Meyers Beach imposes strict regulations, potentially leading to delays for outfitter-led tours compared to private paddlers who have more flexibility in navigating the caves. Choosing Bayfield Kayak ensures safety and a more personalized and enjoyable adventure through the captivating sea caves of the Apostle Islands..

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